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Whatever Happened

So I'm a stubborn female; I may always think I'm right.
I don't wanna hear the truth because we may end up in a fight.
Don't look at me like that, like you know something big.
You're my man, what's the deal with you talking that entire head?  
You're supposed to support me, no matter how bad I think.
You're supposed to be the one to hold me, no matter how bad I stink.
You're supposed to love me, but it seems as if you hate.
You're supposed to be near me and be my light in a dark place.
What happened to our feelings we used to look in each other's eyes
And dream about us dreaming about the water rushing tides.
How beautiful we were, no one could break us up, but nowadays it's like I can't wait for you to hush up.
I want what we first had when we were fresh from the start in love when I could never leave you standing without soft intriguing hugs.
What ever happened to those days?
I guess they've flown far away with cupid next to it saying I can do no more for them.
Let's restore our love and leave the trash in the past.
I don't wanna fuss and fight.
Let's make this love life last.

[ پنج‌شنبه 18 تیر 1394 ] [ 17:32 ] [ مژگان بهروزپور ]
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