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Egg Idioms

bad egg

- a bad person

My neighbor is a bad egg and you should avoid him.

egg (someone) on or egg on (someone)

- to encourage someone to do something (often something bad or wrong or dangerous)

The boys egged their friend on to jump into the water.   

good egg

- a good person

The man is a good egg. Everybody likes him a lot.

have egg on one`s face

- to be embarrassed (because of an obvious error)

The man has egg on his face now that he has admitted that he was wrong about his boss.

lay an egg

- to give a bad performance of something

The singer laid an egg during her concert last evening.

put all one's eggs in one basket

- to risk everything at once

I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket and only invest money in real estate.

teach one's grandmother to suck eggs

- to try to tell someone who has more knowledge than you how to do something

I tried to teach my friend about computers but he is a computer expert. It was like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs.


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