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Yalda is the longest night in the year, approximately 1 minute.

Yalda is the last night of autumn nights. We have a ceremony in this night with special foods, special fruits and special stories.

In many Iranian families this night begin with dinner. Some families for dinner have Kashk-e-Bademjan. After dinner or for dinner, families come to the one home, like   grand ma and grand pa's home and provide a table or Sofre for snacks. We buy: watermelon, pomegranate, sweets, nuts, cake, sunflower seeds and other Iranian snacks and we drink tea. Sometimes, we have frozen sour cherries and other frozen fruits such as, frozen apricots or frozen plums. Every year at this night my grand ma tells special stories about this night, my father reads Hafez.We laugh, talk and enjoy together for long time .At last, we lighten candles and wish.


[ شنبه 30 آذر 1392 ] [ 16:47 ] [ مژگان بهروزپور ]
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